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A Selection Of Your Comments
March 2004

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Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto suspends priest for support of same-sex marriage.March 8, 2004

Cardinal Ambrozic
Office of the Archbishop
Catholic Pastoral Centre
1155 Yonge Street,
Suite# 502
Toronto ON
M4T 1W2

RE: Rev. Tim Ryan's Suspension

Dear Cardinal Ambrozic:

As a proud, gay, Catholic, and legally married man, I want to write to you today to express my support for Rev. Tim Ryan who has been relieved of his pastoral duties after 42 years of service for the church as well as the people.

42 years Cardinal is a devoted time to give the church and to God. I am disappointed at the conduct of the church in this matter. Rev. Ryan had every right to say what he did to support same sex marriage. He is trying, I suggest, to broaden the church's vision of who is welcome in the church and who is not and for why? In this case, it pertains to same sex marriage and Rev. Ryan signing an affidavit supporting it.

I commend Rev. Ryan for his courage to state what he did and sign it, in light of his superiors here in Toronto, and in Rome at the Vatican where ecclesiastical rules prohibit and discourage same sex marriage.

Your Excellency, Rev. Ryan is a devoted minister and a devoted Christian to ALL, and suspending him from his most important duties with parishioners and his commitment to Christ is not the answer. Please revoke Rev. Ryan's suspension, and allow your priests, ministers, brothers and sisters, to have an opinion of there own. This is not the 11th Century your Excellency. People, no matter who their superiors are, should have that human right to state what they think is right and wrong when they feel it is hurting a community and/or person.

I am a proud Catholic who believes in one Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church, the Communion of Saints, the Resurrection of the Body of Christ, and the Forgiveness of Sins. It is through this prayer of the Nicene Creed that I implore you to re-consider your actions against Rev. Tim Ryan as he represents that which is not a sin, but rather compassion for human rights and equity, namely same sex marriage in the eyes of God.

Please look past your capacity and the Canon Law of the Holy See, and look deep within your humanity as a person and not as a Cardinal, and please find the compassion and the understanding to know Rev. Ryan's actions should be commended in light of his many years of service, and his dedication to equality. Does not the church wish to see unity? Why is the Holy See attacking two people who love each other anyway? Is love only valid with opposite sex? I think not your Excellency, as even with my strong faith in Christ and in the Holy Spirit, I fell in LOVE with my LEGAL partner Jason, and I thank God every day for him being in my life.

Your Excellency, again, I implore you to retract Rev. Ryan's suspension, and not muzzle him as this is not right and is very disturbing to me as a Catholic, and as a Proud, Married, Gay man. The Catholic Church must come out of the dark ages and move up to our time line. If this is not initiated in all social belief statutes within the Canon Law of the Holy See, then I suggest the fall of the Catholic Church due to it's own ignorance and lust for power.

Christ comes first before the Holy See as well as yourself your Excellency. Jesus would not have damned us for falling in love and marrying in the eyes of his/her glory. Wake up, smell the incense, and please see past your power as Cardinal and do what Jesus what have done, accept and teach by example, and not by hate.

I hope Rev. Ryan's suspension is revoked. I commend him for his courage to stand up to a powerful institution; an institution, that is weakening due to lack of evolutionary social progression within the Holy See and Cannon Law. I pray for Rev. Ryan as he has been persecuted and punished for being compassionate and having his own opinion. Thank you Rev., you are an inspiration to ALL same sex couples who wish to marry in the house of God, whether it be Catholic or Wiccan. It is people like you who will bring this issue closer to closure and I know in my heart, Jesus would have commended you for doing what you did along with ALL other clergy from different faith groups who dared to speak against the institution they have served, and some ~ for many decades.

In conclusion Cardinal Ambrozic, I hope the DRACONIAN laws that exist within the Universal Church of Christ, headed by the Holy Pontiff in Rome, be looked at and re-considered, at least on how to approach this issue without the spread of hate propaganda from the pulpit via your office, via Rome.

Thank you for your time, and God Bless you your Excellency.

Yours in Christ,

Nicholas Joseph Fasciano-Davis and Jason Edward Davis
Married July 7, 2021 at Bloor Street United Church

Thank you for sending us a copy of your letter in support of Rev. Ryan. We encourage others to do the same.

March 12, 2004

Hi: I just wonted to let you know how I have been trying to gather support for same sex marriage in Thunder Bay. Seeing I am the only one who seems to be doing anything. I have put up a poster around town encourage people to write to Paul Martin and telling them that they support same sex marriage. The posters were put up at a Safeway, Northern Women's book store, Rainbow DVD and Video, Lakehead University, Superior Credit Union, and were submitted for approval to Thunder Bay Public Library North ward and south ward Keep up the good fight.


Bradley Hetsler

That's a wonderful way to take personal ownership for contributing to change. Thanks for making this effort to get your community involved in supporting equal marriage!

We received the following request from Global Television for gay couples in the Toronto area:

March 12, 2004

Global television is looking for a gay couple in Toronto to participate in their program.Global Television is looking for a gay male couple who would like to be featured on an episode of their new series MoneyWise: Money MakeOver. On this show we give people, couples or families financial makeovers. On each one hour show, we feature one person or one couple.

For our next show we are looking for a gay male couple, who lives in or around the Toronto area and would like to receive a free financial makeover. This couple must be willing to fully disclose their financial situation on television. If you are interested please e-mail drobinson@globaltv.ca or phone Diane at 416.391.7381.

Please respond by March 19, 2004. Thank you.

March 22, 2004

Hello, My name is Chelsea Hollamon and unfortunately I attend a small high school in ohio that is aganist gays. I'm currently doing a debate in my Social Studies class "For and Aganist Gay marriages" My classmates think that it is unhumain to like the same sex. Due to my experience around gays...I dont believe there opinoons. It sickens me to see the closed mindedness of these childern. I don't understand why they see so little in these people. I was browsing for sites when I came upon this site and one other in mind. As i was reading your web site i was skimming another one (nogaymarriage.com) tears welled up in my eyes. I couldnt believe what the future of America was going to come to. As you were saying ways to get out the information for gay marriage this other website was doing the opposite. I want my opinon to be out to the public. I want to bring this issue up into my community. Thank you for your inspration. I wish you the best off luck with your future. You do have followers just keep on moving ahead and you will reach your goal.

Chelsea Hollamon

March 23, 2021

Last night (March 22, 2004), "This is Wonderland", a new CBC drama/comedy set in the main Toronto Courts building, used a same-sex wedding as set dressing. There's usually something interesting going on in the background, so I was watching when two of the main characters stopped on a staircase to argue (can't remember about what). Anyway, clearly visible behind them at the top of the stairs was a wedding party, posing for the usual photographs: two newlywed men holding flowers with their friends around them. What was great about this, I think, was that none of the other characters paid them any attention whatsoever. The atmosphere was 'ho-hum, just another wedding', which I thought was a great message.

On a personal note, I wanted to thank you guys for everything you've done over the years. My daughter and her partner can actually make plans (and I can start badgering them for grandchildren! ). Keep up the good works!

Lachlan MacQuarrie-McLeod

P.S. As always, the opinions expressed in this e-mail are mine alone, and my employers neither endorse nor deny them.

March 28, 2021

Keep fighting for equal marriage in Canada! Opposition to GLBT equality has found a strong voice since George Bush took office in the U.S. The Conservative Party of Canada (aka the reform party) would destroy all the progress we have made in the past 30 years. We cannot allow them to form government. We need more rallies and demonstrations in support of equal marriage. We also need to write more letters and sign more petitions. Lets keep up the fight for our right to marry!

Calgary, Alberta


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